An important part of what we do in Round Table is our fundraising and charitable activities. In Sandbach we have three main fundraising events every year – the Hog Roast, Beer Festival and the Santa Float. We also take part charity challenges from time to time. In 2013 we all took part in the 3 peaks challenge to raise money for Sparks, Manchester Eye Hospital and the Sandbach Talking Newspaper.

In 2013 we gave an amazing £16,000 to local charities through our various fundraising events. In 2011 these events raised over £9,000 and in 2012 we donated over £6,000.

Hog Roast 2011Sandbach Round Table is a registered charity and we are regulated by the Charities Commission.

The focus and emphasis is on raising money or providing a service to our local community.

In this way, the FUN had during an event with your fellow Tablers becomes a direct benefit to our local community.

Because of this fact, we are PROUD to wear our Round Table badge.

How to request a donation

If you are local to Sandbach and wish to be considered for a donation, please contact Sandbach Round Table via the website contacts page. All requests for donations are forwarded to our Community Service Officer and then debated in full by the members of Sandbach Round Table before being voted on. When making a request, please provide as much information as you possibly can e.g.

  • the amount you are requesting from Sandbach Round Table
  • the purpose to which it will be put
  • if this is part of a larger fundraising activity, the total amount you are trying to raise.
  • any other fund raising activities / donation requests that are being undertaken and whether any money has been raised to date
  • any time constraints that a donation is required to meet

We will consider all requests as quickly as we can, but please try to allow as much time as possible when submitting requests.

Canal Challenge 2010

Recent Donations

We publish details of donations for the previous 12 months at the end of our financial year (March). Any donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld.

So far in 2013/2014

  • Sparks – £3711
  • Manchester Eye Hospital- £3711
  • Sandbach Talking Newspaper- £3711
  • Specialist Wheelchair – £2500
  • Disabled Golf Day – £480
  • Special Needs School – £500
  • Cockermouth Scouts – £240
  • Leonard Cheshire – £250


  • St Marys Play Group – £200
  • Old Folks Christmas party – £490
  • Transport Festival – £150
  • St Lukes Hospice – £250
  • Alzheimers’s Society- £100
  • Smallwood School – £340
  • Fire Cadets – £100
  • ABC Child Care – £500
  • Leonard Cheshire – £250
  • Elworth Pre-School Group – £300
  • Challenge – £3,100


  • Sandbach Scouts & Cubs – £400
  • Old Folks Christmas party – £680
  • Christmas Lights – £1455
  • Ladies Circle – £500
  • Cancer Research – £100
  • Mealin – £500
  • Transport Festival – £150
  • St Peters Church Hall – £3,000
  • St Lukes Hospice – £100
  • Sandbach High School – £500
  • Sandbach Animal Rescue – £200
  • Friend of Offley – £500
  • D Company 4 Mercian – £300

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