We’d love to hear from you. We’re happy to discuss joining Round Table, any fundraising ideas or other ways we can get involved with the community. Please get in touch with Sandbach Round Table at:

Current Members

Adam Armitt - Chairman
Mark Booth - Vice Chairman
Tom Mortimer-Jones - Secretary
Mick Pressler - Treasurer
Neil McPherson - Social
Paul Hornby - IPC and Area
Tomasz Mazgaj - House Officer
Dan Costello - House Officer
Jaime Evans - Membership and Publicity
Vincenzo Migliore - House Officer
Mark Pinkney - Community Services
Mike Statham - International Relations
Neil Egerton - Sports Officer
Manual Klennert - Mr Twinkle
Ben Cordes - Mr Christmas
Richard Wallis

Most Recent Article

HOG Roast 2017 – Sandbach transport Festival

A message from our (New) Chairman: This weekend we saw the arrival of Sandbach’s annual Transport Festival and once again Sandbach Round Table were out in force providing sustenance for the large crowds that gathered to see all the different vehicles the festival had to offer        With Ladies Circle kindly providing a BBQ on

Today try here the bonus round