Thank YouHow Much

Santa and his merry band of elves from Sandbach Round Table, Sandbach Ladies Circle and Sandbach 41 Club, all want to thank everyone in Sandbach who so generously donated to the appeal this year. We raised an amazing £7,280 in total.

  • Well said Jamie, Most people appreciate all the hard work and time given to this lovely tradition. The town is expanding at an alarming rate and you can't be expected to be everywhere. I think the tracker is great. Thanks to all the team for all your efforts. Merry Christmas to you all!
    Pat Cwiklinski
  • Hi, we have always enjoyed Santa’s visits and appreciate the time and effort of all the volunteers. The Santa tracker is a great idea as you can't get everywhere! Don't be disheartened by negativity, your efforts are much appreciated!
    Sarah Cope
  • The tracker is fantastic - caught up with you yesterday using it. We all had a fab time joining you on day one
    Elaine Mundey
  • Well said, you all do a marvellous job and it is very much appreciated by the majority of Sandbach residents. Thank you all very much.
    Mary Veronica, Brereton
  • I still get excited when I hear the sleigh and I'm an adult now ! The Round Table do a brilliant job every year ! Well done guys xx
    Krystell Skillicorn
  • Can't believe anyone complains!! We have a similar thing in Rode Heath and think you all do a fantastic job 🙂 well done to all the volunteers! If those that complained volunteered instead then maybe you could reach more people?
    Kate Bell

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Holdcroft Nissan for providing “Rudolph” and for their help in renovating the sleigh. Also Persimmon Homes and David Wilson Homes.

We would also like to thank Peter Evans & his party guests.

A message from Sandbach Round Table

Dear sandbach residents,

As chairman, on behalf of sandbach round table, may I thank you for making this years santa float the best & most successful one we have ever done.

These few months are a very busy time for us as we put up the lights in town, lights switch on, go out on the santa float and then take the lights down in early January but the happy families and smiling faces of the kids when they see santa and the sleigh make it all worthwhile.

We have raised an amazing amount of money that we will now look to donate to worthy causes within our community. If you know of one please send us an email with further details and we shall see what we can do.

As well our our charity work we also meet as a group of men aged 18 – 45 for a range of activities every other Thursday such as archery, scuba diving, rock climbing. If you would like to help us raise money for good causes as well as getting out twice a month for fun please get into contact. The first 2 meetings are free of charge so you have nothing to lose.

See you next year!!

Best regards, Paul

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