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Each year, Sandbach Round Table help to take care of Santa as he brings his sleigh back to Sandbach.

Sandbach Round Table and Santa try to cover as much of each area as possible on the scheduled night. However sometimes it is just not possible to cover the whole area shown on that night. Please remember that we are a voluntary organisation and are doing all of this in our own time.

Please note that we will try our best to get to as many houses as possible and aim to cover as many of the residential areas within the Town (and surrounding areas) as possible. The speed in which we complete a route is dependent on a good number of attending volunteers and the number of kids wishing to talk to Santa and his Reindeer. The float can also be halted/cancelled and dates can be changed because of unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. We will apologise and notify where possible.

Sometimes (sadly) we are not able to make everyone happy and visit every single road, street and avenue in Sandbach which is getting bigger every year and will continue to do so. We try to do every street in a particular area, however sometimes we can’t do everywhere; the sleigh doesn’t fit down every road, Santa has big area each year to visit in Sandbach and the elves do have their own families to go home to. To help with this we have a contingency night in late December when we try to cover as many of the streets that we have been unable to visit on their scheduled night.

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